JKB Energy, Trinitas Farming to Build One-Megawatt System In Oakdale and offset energy use by 89.6 Percent

Expected to Save $8 Million in PG&E Expenses and Plans to Continue Funding Two Scholarships with a Portion of the Savings

 October 25, 2018 // Turlock, CA. Trinitas Farming has recently collaborated with JKB Energy in a major move toward sustainable farming and renewable energy by constructing a new, one-megawatt system in Oakdale with more potential solar sites being implemented in the near future.

Currently under construction, the system is designed to offset 89.6 percent of the onsite energy used by two primary irrigation pumps on Trinitas’ property in Oakdale. The irrigation pumps are used to irrigate over 6,000 acres of almond orchards.

Along with tremendous environmental value, the system is expected to save $191,019 per year in PG&E expenses and $8 million over 25 years. The system will have a 21.5 percent rate of return, and the investment will be fully realized in 3.4 years.

“Trinitas selected JKB because of their extensive experience working in ag and in Stanislaus County,” says Ryon Paton, co-founder and partner for Trinitas Partners, LLC. “They were able to mobilize their installation team quickly and install the panels efficiently. Additionally, they demonstrated the cost savings to us by benchmarking our operation against an extensive portfolio of successful projects.”

Moving to renewable energy is an important part of Trinitas’ goal of sustainable farming. Trinitas understands that renewable energy reduces the impact on the environment and is the most sustainable long-term energy resource.

“Trinitas runs a top-notch farming operation here in the Central Valley,” says Bob Hansen, senior vice president and chief operating officer for JKB Energy. “Working with their team to design, install, and integrate their Oakdale system is a privilege. We're always looking to help our customers accomplish their objectives, which in this case is to increase Trinitas’ green footprint in our valley."

Trinitas plans to reinvest the savings in the local community. Trinitas supports many civic and educational causes, including the Trinitas Farming Community Scholarship program, which is run through the Stanislaus Community Foundation. The scholarship is open to any Stanislaus County resident who is an ag employee or whose parent or grandparent is currently employed in the agriculture industry.  In addition, Trinitas formed the Trinitas Farming Scholarship: Caritas in 2016, which is open to children and grandchildren of employees of Trinitas Farms or employees themselves.


About Trinitas Partners, LLC:

Trinitas Partners, LLC is an investment company that specializes in identifying agricultural investments characterized by favorable supply/demand dynamics and in which hard assets and real property play a central role. Trinitas Farming was created to develop and manage the growing portfolio of agricultural land and its produce. For more information, visit www.trinitaspartners.com and www.trinitasfarming.com

 About JKB Energy: JKB Energy is headquartered in the heart of the Central Valley in Turlock, California. With over 150 megawatts across 350 installations and NABCEP certified, JKB Energy is renowned as a leader in agriculture and commercial, JKB Energy is committed to innovation and achieving customer savings for businesses ranging from Bakersfield to Redding. To learn more, please visit jkbenergy.com or call 209-668-5303.

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