Understanding Solar Installations: From Concept to Cost Reductions


We make it easy to get on the right track toward a more productive and cost efficient future. Our craftsmanship and knowledge is displayed in each unique installation across California’s valley regions and beyond. Everything from the financial analysis presented in the proposal to the utility inspections before operation, we make sure you feel confident in the decision to switch to solar before contracts are signed.

"Before" Computer Drawing:  Example of the preliminary plan - custom made for each proposal

"Before" Computer Drawing:  Example of the preliminary plan - custom made for each proposal

Proposal Phase

Chad Cummings, our Director of Sales and Marketing, spends a lot of time prepping your proposal. The initial proposal outlines everything your solar install will bring to your business. From generation meter options and upgrades to the visual preliminary plan, our proposal ensures you know what you’re signing up for and offers incredible insight on how much solar can yield in annual savings for your business.

“We go above and beyond to present an accurate and truthful quote for our customers. Once the proposal is approved construction is immediately started. There are no hidden costs to the customer.”
-  Chad Cummings, Director of Sales and Marketing

Pre-Construction Phase

Once proposals are presented and contracts are signed, we will arrange the initial site visit for the following week. During this critical site visit, our team will review the design and location with you on-site to ensure the desired spot is still suitable for you and the installation, as well as work around any obstacles that may be present.

Nova Sayadian, our NABCEP-certified Vice President of Design & Procurement, conducts extensive analysis while on site. First checking the current electrical equipment to look for any possible roadblocks, then confirming the best location for the install. We will also troubleshoot on-site with you to ensure you're satisfied with the placement—whether it means moving the site over a row of trees for farming needs, or adjusting the layout around various obstacles.

Important questions to answer when determining system location:

  • Are there any pipes located in the ground under the site? 

  • Utility lines overhead? 

  • Is a ground mounted system an efficient solution to your farming needs and financial cash flow?

  • Is there a nearby structure strong enough to handle a roof mount? 

  • Is there wasted land anywhere that can be put to good use?

Utility Interconnection

We handle all interaction with the utility companies on your behalf! You’ll sign a form that gives us permission to contact the utility regarding any updates and information on your solar project. We'll keep you updated so that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the utility, allowing you more time to get back to business.

Amanda Johnson, our Manager of Client Relations & Utility Interconnection, will attend your initial site visit to lead-off on a long-lasting relationship between the JKB Energy team and yourself. Long after your project is completed, Amanda and her team act as a liaison for you to contact the utility with any questions that may arise.

“We maintain a great relationship with the utility companies and work with them daily on our customer’s behalf. One of our highest priorities is to maintain a great working relationship with our partners at the local utilities to ensure our customer experience is positive! Our clients rely on us to be in the know.”
-  Amanda Johnson, Client Relations and Utility Connection Manager

Solar Blueprint Design

After your initial site visit is fully conducted, we prepare a single-line drawing (which is essentially a blueprint to your solar project) so you can visualize the project before it's constructed. Construction will begin once design and materials are determined and interconnection documents are approved by the utility and county.

All ground-mount installations require a standard topography survey beforehand to ensure the solar location is up to the city or county requirements. Through pre-construction surveys, we are able to mitigate risk and keep an eye out for the unexpected. Two-way communication between our team and client is critical at this point. Our team will be there every step of the way.

"After" Google Earth screenshot:  Example of the finished ground-mount solar installation

"After" Google Earth screenshot:  Example of the finished ground-mount solar installation

Post-Construction Inspections & Interconnection

Once your construction is completed, including any necessary utility upgrades, inspections from the county and the utility occur. Once you've passed inspection and you've received your permission to operate letter, the project is finally complete! 

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Your Cost Reductions!

With the interconnection complete, you can sit back, relax and start saving money. We're always here to help you with any questions you may have with your newly finished solar system!

Chad Cummings