How our Warranty Differs from the Competitors’


As our clients know, finalizing the decision to make a major purchase can be intimidating—that's why our JKB Energy sustainable warranty is appealing. “We service our customers’ warranties through thick and thin,” VP and General Manager Bob Hansen mentions. “We’ve been in the development business for over 30 years. What sets us apart from other companies is how we stand behind our warranty 100%.”

Understanding the warranty is a critical component in deciding to install a JKB Energy solar system—or any solar system for that matter. Thanks to over thirty years in business we have a long, steady history of providing exceptional service—and an exceptional warranty to match.

Full 10-Year and 25-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
JKB Energy promises a 10-year full warranty on “everything under the sun,” which includes all workmanship. The inverters come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended to 20 years as well. The solar panels come with a 25-year manufacturer’s production guarantee—in other words, your panels will generating 80% or more of their rated power in that 25-year span.

Best of all, in the event that a panel or inverter malfunctions and you need to use your manufacturer’s warranty, our JKB Energy Customer Service Team will work on your behalf to oversee the entire process with the manufacturer. 

Trusting Your Warranty
Over the years, we’ve seen our competitors (some of whom are nationally-funded, startup solar installers) push established companies out with lower prices. However, in most cases the technology is sub-par and the prices are based on hopes that their upfront expenses will be carried thanks to a saturated marketing push. Again, none of these are long-term solutions that benefit the grower.  As our ag clients may have experienced, Wall Street and corporations want a share of our fertile California valley.

In the case of many of these hedge fund solar companies, we’d recommend being wary of warranties of false hope. Keep in mind that you’re signing up for a 20-plus year investment to harvest the sun. If the company suddenly goes out of business, your warranty would no longer apply and any faulty installations must be dealt with independently. This is not something our customers have to worry about.

Our Warranty at Work
JKB Energy has worked with Ward Burroughs of Burroughs Family Farms in Denair for over seven years and has installed nine systems comprised of a variety of mounting solutions. “Over the years we’ve found that JKB Energy has been a fantastic partner for the long relationship that comes with solar,“ mentions Burroughs. “There once was a big spike in utility power that burned three inverters and thankfully with JKB Energy’s warranty and their relationship with PG&E, we were able to get past the problem.”

Even beyond the warranty, JKB Energy will do what it takes to resolve a customer’s needs. “Even when a malfunction was our fault, JKB Energy helped see us through," Ward mentions. "It’s reassuring to know there’s a team ready to help when we need it."

"Once a project is complete, the JKB Energy warranty is what keeps our clients smiling. If any power production issues occur, our guys show up as quickly as possible. We try our best to handle these situations before clients even become aware of them. We love to keep our clients happy and always strive to make sure systems are running the way they should be."
- Joe Warda, Customer Service & Warranty Manager
Chad Cummings