The Importance of Preventative Maintenance


Customer service is the life-force of any business. JKB Energy actively manages over 300 projects between Barstow and Oroville, California — a 500-mile stretch. Whether the system is 50 kW, or 5 megawatts, we’re committed as ever to giving all our customers the superb customer service they deserve. Farms and businesses of all sizes are making good use of solar energy, and they’re doing it with us because of our “No Fine Print” customer warranty.


We’re expanding our customer service and warranty teams to help take care of each and every one of our customers. Preventative maintenance, annual inspections, and assistance with utility solar crediting is all part of JKB Energy’s warranty. This warranty is included standard for every system.
Nova Sayadian—our NABCEP-certified Vice President of Engineering, Procurement & Design—leads our warranty team while Joe Warda leads our “boots on the ground” team. Combined, they’ve been directly involved in the installation of 150 MW and have a thorough knowledge of photovoltaic systems.

"We strive for perfection from start to finish. We make sure our systems are running optimally and hold our staff to the highest degree of excellence. We build the system as if it were for our own ranch or business."
- Nova Sayadian, VP of Engineering, Procurement & Construction

In addition to routine maintenance, our team always looks for ways to improve existing systems. Sometimes simple recalibrations or minor modifications can improve inverter performance – another way to optimize annual savings.  When we talk about “No Fine Print,” we take our commitments to excellence seriously and ensure our systems always perform as they should.

"We frequently 'go the extra mile' and provide help or service that’s outside our normal scope of work. Especially if questions with a utility are involved, we will do what’s necessary to make sure our clients are well-taken care of."
- Amanda Johnson, Manager of Client Relations
Chad Cummings