What's New In Solar For 2018?


In 2017 we decided to champion our warranty, which to us means “No Fine Print.” Having been a developer for over 35 years, our warranty has always been a critical differentiator between us and our competition. There is no fine print and there aren’t any catches. Since we began installing solar 10 years ago, our warranty and relationships built on long-term customer service continues to be the key to our successes. We’ve seen competitors enter and exit the business each year once they learn just how hard it is to do business. No Fine Print is always doing the right thing and standing by our warranty.


Now that we're into 2018, here's a summary of what's to come this year:

Time Of Use (TOU): 

  • The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is allowing utilities to change what time of day peak periods occur, as well as energy and demand rate changes. In general, the peak-rate period is changing to a later time in the day, and the net effect will be increased energy rates in California because of the new rates and structure.


  • All existing and new solar customers still receive 20 years of dollar-for-dollar credits. This 20-year period is counted from your permission to operate date (which is the date your system came online, according to your utility).


  • 30% Investment Tax Credit

  • 100% Bonus Depreciation for Section 179

  • Negative interest rate financing 

Did You Know?

  • Looking to buy? Solar offers four-year paybacks and 20% ROI

  • Looking to finance? $0 out-of-pocket, and save up to 40% on your energy costs, after financing costs!

Does this sound interesting, confusing or pique your interest? Our team is here to help it make sense for you. Next month we’ll dive into financing options. As always, please feel free to email info@jkbenergy.com with questions.

Chad Cummings