How We Work With Our Hullers and Processors

For the 10th year, JKB Energy has served as a sponsor of the Almond Alliance Conference because we believe in the importance of supporting our local ag partners. We are proud to say that we have worked with thirty-one hullers and processors throughout the state (and counting!) totaling over 19 megawatts of solar. We look forward to continuing our support of the Almond Alliance and the great impact they have on the industry. 

Creative Solutions
We thoroughly enjoy working with hullers and processors because it provides the opportunity to get creative. Land and time is valuable to everyone in ag, however hullers and processors typically have the least amount of land to allocate for . solar and largest impact with the customer to find solutions that work for them; whether it be building in a water storage basin or doing our utility tie-in before construction starts in order to avoid any seasonal disruptions each situation is a little different and it really allows us to . showcase our ability to make each installation unique.

Seasonal Use: Solar Credits in Off Season
Solar is a great investment for hullers and processors because they typically have large enough . service to install a solar system that offsets the majority of their needs in a very unique way.  Unlike a . typical facility or pump, a huller and or processor only runs 3-4 months out of the year even when the huller or processor isn't running. With a NEM solar system,  the customer gets to bank those credits at retail value to be used during their on season and drastically reduce their utility bill.

Cast Study: Featured Processor

Treehouse Processor, Huller Case.jpg

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Chad Cummings