Cross Petroleum Carport Installation


We all love a good package deal. That’s why JKB Energy’s recent carport solar installation at Cross Petroleum’s Redding location was such a win-win.

Carport solar panels provide the best of both worlds — shade from the elements for cars and prime positioning to soak up the sun for power.

“At Cross Petroleum, we focus on staying ahead of the game with change,” says CFO, Brendon Farrar, “This mentality carried through with our installation of carport solar panels with JKB Energy. We’re doing what we can to stay as efficient and environmentally conscious as we can.”

Carport solar panels are conveniently raised above parking spots and require no extra land or an open area for placement.
In a state where land isn’t cheap, this solution helps you maximize your space and get more for your money. Solar panels are a great addition for any shopping center, car dealership, gas station, or office carport.

Already have too much equipment on your roof? If you’re interested in solar but your roof can’t fit many panels, a carport solar solution provides an easy and strategic solution.

JKB Energy believes investing in solar today will pay off for future generations. Carport solar structures are a great resource to help increase sustainability and reduce energy costs for years to come with many added benefits.

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Chad Cummings